Who Do We Need On Tauranga City Council?

I think we need a family man who cherishes our elders, who understands and encourages our youth.

Someone who wants a council that provides excellent value for money, that is open, transparent, and inclusive.

Someone who has business acumen, communication skills, and above all is a good listener.

Someone who has prepared for the role by reading thousands of pages of council documents, interviewed dozens of experts, and has visited thousands of homes in Matua, Pilans Point, Cherrywood, Bureta, Otumoetai, Bellevue, Brookfield, Judea, Bethlehem and Pyes Pa.

Someone who has a proven track record of injecting fresh ideas, taking action, and leading teams to create extraordinary results by setting ambitious goals and taking steps forward.

me-2014-200That someone is me.

If these are the qualities you value, put me, Sheldon Nesdale on Tauranga City Council.

12 Lessons I Learned From 1254 Conversations With Tauranga Residents

I recently announced the achievement of my goal of visiting 4291 homes in my run for Tauranga City Council.

I met with 1254 people face-to-face (and left a flyer behind for the remainder).

I’m a meticulous note keeper and recorded the ideas that residents shared with me.

I have analysed what they told me and distilled their thoughts into these 12 lessons.


1. We All Love Tauranga Deeply

  • This probably won’t surprise you because you probably love Tauranga too.
  • I knew I loved Tauranga, but I didn’t realise how deep this passion went with everyone I met
  • Would you get the same response if you sampled any city or town in New Zealand? Perhaps. But do they have the same depth of passion as we do in Tauranga? Perhaps not

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Fires On The Beach And 17 More Surprises In the Tauranga City Council Bylaws

I thought it might be interesting to familiarise myself with Tauranga City Councils bylaws.

But first, what is a Bylaw?

“The Council’s Bylaws are special laws that apply in the Tauranga area only. The bylaws help the Council make sure the city runs smoothly. Examples of activities controlled under existing bylaws include dog ownership and liquor free zones in public places.”

Second, what is their purpose?

Bylaws exist:

  1. to protect the public from nuisance
  2. to protect, promote and maintain public health and safety
  3. to minimise the potential for offensive behaviour in public places
  4. if specifically required by legislation

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