Sheldon Nesdale for Tauranga City Council 2019

Hi, my name is Sheldon Nesdale and I am standing for election onto Tauranga City Council (2019).

I have set a goal of visiting 10,000 homes by the end of this election.

Here’s what residents have to say to me.

Here’s my progress so far:

I believe I have the skills and experience to be a very effective councillor and I’d love to serve you in this way.

Can I count on you to vote for me and help spread the word that I am the candidate others should vote for?

Q: “What’s the timeline For The 2019 Election?”

  • 1 Jul 2019: Electoral Enrolment Centre campaign starts
  • 19 Jul 2019: Nominations open for candidates
  • 16 Aug 2019: Nominations close and electoral rolls close
  • 20-25 Sep 2019: Voting papers delivered
  • 12 Oct 2019: Polling day and declaration of preliminary results
  • 17-23 Oct 2019: Official results declared

Your role:

I want to hear from you if you have ideas for issues that you think need my attention.

I’m listening, so:

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2 thoughts on “Sheldon Nesdale for Tauranga City Council 2019

  1. What are your thoughts on the museum? For or against? Why? If the museum goes to Cliff Road as per Tangata whenua’s preference, what does the council plan to do to accommodate this???

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