I have these 6 skills. Do you think they are useful to this city that I love?

  1. Listening Carefully
  2. Asking Questions
  3. Fresh Thinking
  4. Making Decisions
  5. Taking Action
  6. Leading Change

4 Quick Facts About Me

  1. I turn 43 in Sep 2019. Hooray!
  2. I live in Matua beside the school with my wife and 3 sons: 9, 7 and 5 years old
  3. I’m probably most famous for:
  4. My current day-job is a marketing advisor for Small-Medium Sized NZ businesses

10 More Facts About Me

  1. My interest in local body politics started with some friends from The Dry Dock breakfast suggesting I could be mayor one day. I started wondering what that would be like. I met with current councillors, attended council meetings, read council documents and loved it all. Then I started knocking on doors with a goal of visiting 4000 homes (I’ve since visited 6500+)
  2. Here’s my 5 minute video recorded at the 2016 Priority One AGM, telling the story of how I went from sitting in a portable cabin on my back lawn and feeling lonely to putting on a full day event for 1000 new friends
  3. In 2011 I started running The Dry Dock Breakfast Club which is made up of 1/3 employees, 1/3 people running their own businesses and 1/3 people newly arrived from Auckland wanting to connect
  4. 2 books changed my life: 10 Days to Faster Reading and The 4 Hour Work Week, I quit my job immediately after reading it and I’ve been a marketing consultant ever since
  5. I’ve read 150 business books in the last few years. Here are the summaries of my favourite business books
  6. In 2011 I graduated with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) via Waikato University. My dissertation was How New Zealand’s Cafe’s, Restaurant’s & Bar’s Can Best Use The Internet To Attract New Customers And Encourage Existing Customers To Return
  7. My next job after uni was for The Big Fish Group (now called Aspire2), I had marketing input into 5 different brands, all requiring different techniques
  8. My first job after uni was in Tauranga so my wife and I decided to move here from Hamilton. I was a marketing advisor for 6 months and then a “cut-and-coder” for 3 months
  9. I moved to Hamilton to attend Waikato University: 2002 – 2006. Graduated with Bachelor of Electronic Commerce majoring in Marketing and Communications with first class honours. It combined 3 interests of mine: business, computers and how humans make decisions.
  10. I grew up in Rotorua and spent a lot of time in hot pools. I build the website nzhotpools.co.nz to help others do the same (and to put everything I’d been learning at Uni into a single project)

Sheldon Nesdale
Phone: (07) 575 8799
Mobile: 021 128 5046
Email: sheldon@iamlistening.co.nz

137 Levers Rd
Tauranga 3110
New Zealand