Will You Contribute To Tauranga’s 7 Day Makeover In May 2016?

Just a few moments ago I got back from a breakfast workshop run by Downtown Tauranga.

Sally showed us the following TEDx talk “Add some magic to a public space near you” by David Engwicht. 

Sally paused the video a few times and during the pauses we did about 5 minutes of brainstorming in small groups about how we could apply what we were learning to Tauranga.

In a nutshell, it’s about organising a 7 day makeover for Tauranga (hopefully in May).

Together, we choose 1 (or more) spaces to work with and citizens like you and me contribute ideas to fill that space with things that make us smile, laugh, and connect us together.

There is 1 rule. It is: Continue reading