Who Can We Trust? Sheldon Nesdale. Elect Onto TECT

Hi, my name is Sheldon Nesdale and I am standing for election onto TECT.

I believe I have the skills and experience to be a very effective trustee and I’d love to serve you in this way.

Can I count on you to vote for me and help spread the word that I am the candidate others should vote for?

Q: “Why Should We Vote Sheldon Nesdale Onto TECT?”

For 9 reasons:

  1. Qualified. Sheldon has an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Waikato Uni. Sheldon has run his own business consultancy since 2009
  2. Diligent. Sheldon loves to read, he will turn up to every meeting fully prepared with all the required reading done
  3. Future thinking. Sheldon has 3 young boys at home so he thinks about the
    future and the legacy we will leave behind
  4. Leader. You may recognise Sheldon’s name from the events he has brought
    here: TEDxTauranga, Tauranga StartUp Weekend, The Dry Dock Breakfast Club
  5. Not wealthy. Sheldon knows what it feels like when the TECT cheque arrives just in time to make a real difference to his family’s finances
  6. Grateful. Sheldon knows what it’s like to run groups and events with little or no money and is grateful that TECT is able to support so many organisations
  7. Public Service. Sheldon is an active volunteer and has put in 8 hours per week for 8 years into projects that serve and benefit the public
  8. Considered. Sheldon does not leap to conclusions but reads available documentation and reports, and seeks out expert opinion before making a critical decision
  9. Listens. Sheldon Nesdale has visited 6,780 homes in the Tauranga area to connect with residents and listen to their ideas and concerns

Any questions, ideas, concerns you’d like to share with me?

Post below or call me on 021 128 5046 or email sheldon@iamlistening.co.nz

One thought on “Who Can We Trust? Sheldon Nesdale. Elect Onto TECT”

  1. Thank you to everyone who supported my campaign for election onto TECT. I missed out by just 41 votes!

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