Will You Contribute To Tauranga’s 7 Day Makeover In May 2016?

Just a few moments ago I got back from a breakfast workshop run by Downtown Tauranga.

Sally showed us the following TEDx talk “Add some magic to a public space near you” by David Engwicht. 

Sally paused the video a few times and during the pauses we did about 5 minutes of brainstorming in small groups about how we could apply what we were learning to Tauranga.

In a nutshell, it’s about organising a 7 day makeover for Tauranga (hopefully in May).

Together, we choose 1 (or more) spaces to work with and citizens like you and me contribute ideas to fill that space with things that make us smile, laugh, and connect us together.

There is 1 rule. It is:

  • You must only use what resources the community offers, nothing outside of those offers.

For example, citizens might contribute some cash, their time and unused objects found in their businesses or homes

Examples from the video included odd looking industrial equipment, a fridge that was repurposed as bookshelf, seating from an old boat, and much more

The idea is, those of us that contribute to the installation are invested in it, connected to it, proud of our contribution.

Sound good?

  1. Watch the video below
  2. If what you see inspires you to join in, email Rose at admin@downtowntauranga.co.nz and she’ll keep you informed of the process from here


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