What Can Happen When You Have 90 Minutes All To Yourself

I’ve just realised that I do my best thinking on planes.

And during my most recent flight, I made, what might be, one of the most important decisions of my life.

I had 90 minutes all to myself. No email. No phone calls. No wife. No kids. No wifi. No internet. No distractions.

I had just 2 choices.

  1. Read (Either the in-flight magazine, or whatever I had previously downloaded to my ebook reader)
  2. Think

I chose the latter.

Over the last few weeks I had compiled a list of all my fears, concerns, objections, worries that had been brought to my attention by friends, family and acquaintances.

I went through every item on that list slowly and carefully. And within 20 minutes I had crossed out each and every item.

I looked back at the crossed-out list and at that moment I realised, “I’m going for it!”.

So, yes, I’d be honoured if I am chosen for the Tauranga City Council in 2016.


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