Should Sheldon Nesdale Stand For Tauranga City Council 2016?

My name is Sheldon Nesdale and I am considering running for Tauranga City Council July to October 2016.

I am in research mode at the moment:

  • I’m asking friends if they think Tauranga city needs someone like me on the council
  • I’m meeting people and asking them why they live here, what they love and what frustrates them
  • I’m writing a list of issues that I hear people talking about that I might be able to help with
  • I’m attending council meetings to see if the content interests me and if I have a contribution to make
  • I’m reading council documents to understand the purpose and role of council and if the content interests me
  • I’m meeting current and past councillers to find out more about the highs and lows of the role
  • I’m considering the impact on my family life and career

I intend to make my decision in the next few months.

Your role:

I want to hear from you if:

  • You have ideas for issues that you think need my attention
  • You have praise/warnings about my career choice
  • You want to encourage/discourage me┬áto stand
  • You have information that I need to know before I choose
  • You want to help support me by spreading the word if I decide to stand

I’m listening, so:

  • Write in the comments sections on this website
  • Send me an email or call me
  • Subscribe via your email address so we can keep in touch

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