8 Reasons Why We Are Voting For Sheldon Nesdale

To win this Tauranga City Council by-election which ends 1 May 2018

  1. Listens. Sheldon Nesdale has visited over 5800 homes in the Tauranga area to connect with residents and listen to their ideas and concerns
  2. Qualified. Sheldon has an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Waikato Uni
  3. Future. Sheldon has 3 young boys at home so he thinks about the future and the legacy we will leave behind
  4. Prepared. Sheldon has read thousands of pages of council documents already (his summaries and videos are on his website)
  5. Connected. Sheldon has interviewed 50+ national & local community leaders to understand their perspective and ideas
  6. Leader. You may recognise Sheldon’s name from the events he has brought here: TEDxTauranga, Tauranga StartUp Weekend, The Dry Dock Breakfast Club
  7. Action. Sheldon has a reputation for injecting fresh ideas, and taking action
  8. Solutions. He generates practical solutions to problems instead of complaining and blaming

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