My Summary of the TCC Corporate Sustainability Strategy 2011-2016

This is article #11 in my 16 part series summarising Tauranga City Council strategy documents.

Here is my summary of the Tauranga City Council Corporate Sustainability Strategy 2011-2016 (44 pages. 1.23Mb .pdf).

This is an internal, corporate strategy document detailing how the council staff (500+ people) can do better with sustainability and lead by example between 2011 and 2016.

The term of this strategy has now expired, but it still had some interesting ideas.

The ideas include:

  • Energy efficient IT equipment, and buildings, and reducing water usage, and considering solar hot water systems
  • Reducing paper usage and developing online/digital services
  • Re-using materials like mulch and roading material
  • Reducing waste to landfill

I did find some of the measures and actions a bit odd: Continue reading “My Summary of the TCC Corporate Sustainability Strategy 2011-2016”