The 17 Most Interesting Bits Of The Local Government Act 2012

A friend of mine suggested that I should read the Local Government Act 2012, so I did.

This document is 442 pages (although 39 of those pages is a list of repealed Local Acts and Enactments).

It has 12 parts and 22 “Schedules”.

The 12 Parts Of The Local Government Act 2012

  1. Preliminary provisions
  2. Purpose of local government, and role and powers of local authorities
  3. Structure and reorganisation of local government
  4. Governance and management of local authorities and community boards
  5. Council-controlled organisations and council organisations
  6. Planning, decision-making, and accountability
  7. Specific obligations and restrictions on local authorities and other persons
  8. Regulatory, enforcement, and coercive powers of local authorities
  9. Offences, penalties, infringement offences, and legal proceedings
  10. Powers of Minister to act in relation to local authorities
  11. Regulations, other Orders in Council, and rules
  12. Consequential amendments, repeals, revocations, transitional provisions, and savings

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