Need A Job In Tauranga?

Why are you looking for a new job in Tauranga?

  • Are you looking to change your career?
  • Have you just moved to Tauranga from Auckland or elsewhere in NZ (or the world)?

Well, I’ve got good news. I get asked for job hunting advice all the time, so I’ve created the following guide for you.

But first, does your job hunting plan look like this?

  1. job-applicationsTrawl through job ads on Seek, TradeMe Jobs and a couple of other sites
  2. Find jobs that look interesting and throw your CV at them
  3. Wait
  4. And wait some more
  5. And apply for some more (on the assumption that it takes 100 applications to get an interview)
  6. And wait some more

Does it feel like an enormous waste of time?

That’s because it is!

Try this 7 step approach instead. Continue reading “Need A Job In Tauranga?”