My Summary of the TCC Age-Friendly City Strategy 2013 – 2023

This is article #5 in my 16 part series summarising Tauranga City Council strategy documents.

Here is my summary of the Tauranga City Council Age-Friendly Strategy (45 pages. 3.9Mb .pdf).

We keep hearing about the world’s ageing population. The demographics of Tauranga have always been skewed towards the elderly. So, from a council perspective, issues that affect our elders, have always been on our minds.

This strategy had a number of feel-good ideas that I agreed with. Here are just 4 examples from the action list:

  1. Incorporate positive images of older people on council and community documents/websites
  2. Promote mentoring roles in the community
  3. Encourage inter-generational activities and events
  4. Provide more trees and shades for streets, walkways and parks

And on page 29 of this strategy document, in the action list it says “consider the initiation of Elder outdoor gym or exercise stations at suitable recreation points”.

On Thu 21 Apr on my ride home, I rode past the newly opened one at Kulim park.

It had 6 kids on it at the time, and no elders, but the kids were having fun (because it was new). I’m sure they’ll be a plaque with some exercise ideas on it soon because I couldn’t figure out what any of the bits are for.


This is a trial, and if it’s successful, we’ll see a few more pop up around the city.

One very cool aspect of this project is that Sports and Recreation students from the Bay of Plenty Polytech were involved in the planning for it.

Your Thoughts?

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