My Summary of the TCC Disability Strategy 2013

This is article #8 in my 16 part series summarising Tauranga City Council strategy documents.

Here is my summary of the Tauranga City Council Disability Strategy 2013 (18 pages. 94Kb .pdf).

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 5 New Zealanders live with a long term impairment?

That’s about 22,000 people in Tauranga.

Add to that those of us who experience a temporary disability from injury or illness, and you realise that we are dealing with a significant proportion of the population.

What can we do to help people living with impairments to reach their potential and participate fully in the community?

How can we reduce the barriers they face?

This very short strategy document (18 pages), sets 4 goals and a list of actions for each goal.

  1. Goal One: Council communication and information is accessible to all people
  2. Goal Two: People are able to move about the city easily and safely without being limited by the environment
  3. Goal Three: Council facilities and services can be accessed and enjoyed by all people.
  4. Goal Four: Tauranga City Council works in partnership with the community to increase awareness of disability issues and encourage the participation of disabled people.

A few actions that caught my eye:

  • 1.16 Continue to provide NZ Sign Language (NZSL) interpreters at public meetings and consultation when required
  • 2.11 Continue to progressively provide seating and shelter at bus stops
  • 4.1 Establish a Tauranga City Accessibility / Disability Reference Group to provide a disability perspective for Council

Your Thoughts?

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