My Summary of the TCC Digital Platform Strategy 2016

This is article #7 in my 16 part series summarising Tauranga City Council strategy documents.

Here is my summary of the Tauranga City Council Digital Platform Strategy 2016 (53 pages. 2.28Mb .pdf).

Improving service, creating transparency, enhancing trust and confidence, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, connecting to customers via smart phones, apps, and social media, from any place, at any time. These are the advantages that digital technologies are offering council.

For me, the core of this document comes down to the following 2 diagrams.

The first, (in section 1.6, shown below), identifies 13 action areas.


And in section 2.3 this diagram shows the relative size and budget of each project:


Of particular interest to me are smartphone apps. Did you know there are already 2 up and running?:

  1. InspectIT – Tauranga” which gives you the ability to digitally submit building re-inspections including photos and details.
  2. FIXiT Tauranga” which allows you to report issues to the council by taking photos and reporting the location of roading issues, wastewater problems etc

2 more mentioned in this document are:

  1. “Tree App” for collection and management of tree assets across the city
  2. “Food Premise Assessments” for reporting on cafes, restaurants, bars etc

Your Thoughts?

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