How To Fix Tauranga’s Recycling

On this page you will find out:

  1. Why I do, or do not, support each of councils proposals for recycling and waste management
  2. My ideas for vastly reducing our waste to landfill and improving our recycling programmes
  3. Answers to your frequently asked recycling questions

Elect me on to Tauranga City Council and within 18 months my aims are:

  1. To increase the volume of glass recycled by 100% from 2017 levels (this should be easy, and needs little help from me)
  2. To start the construction of an Anaerobic Digestion facility to process the cities food waste for the next 50 years
  3. To mobilise citizens to create a declaration to parliament that we want refundable deposits on beverage containers
  4. To create more transparency on where the items that we think we are recycling ultimately end up
  5. To improve the way we communicate how the financial savings from reducing our waste benefit us all on at a personal (or household) level
  6. To mobilise citizens to petition the manufacturers of their favourite products to make more environmentally friendly packaging choices

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Kerbside Recycling & Kerbside Rubbish Collection, Should They Be User-Pays Or Rate-Payer Funded?

That is the question that Tauranga City Councillors are looking at right now.

It’s a question that all the councils in New Zealand consider every 6 years as per the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

Right now, it’s Tauranga’s turn.



The current arrangement is:

  • Rubbish collection: User-pays
    • Purchase council issued bags as required
    • Or, pay 6-monthly / annually for wheely-bins from private contractors
  • Recycling collection: User-pays
    • Optional. Your choice of 4 contractors

Councillors are using the 147 page Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (24Mb .pdf) to inform their discussion.

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